Saturday, June 16, 2012

20 Years goes by quick

Just over twenty years ago the Blazers won game 4 of the 1992 Finals 93-88 over DA BULLS! That was the last time that the Blazers were victorious in the NBA Finals, let alone be in the Finals period.

Think about this. That '92 team was closer (15 year span) to the 1977 Bill Walton championship team than we are today to the '92 team. It's been quite a Finals drought. Will it be another twenty years before we're in the Finals again? Time will only tell.

This will be a re-tooling time for the Blazers. We've got cap space, draft picks and a GM. I am feeling pretty good about this off season. I just hope this off season isn't a string of twenty more off seasons before we reach the finals. Geez, if it is, I'll be the old codger wearing a super faded '92 Western Conference Champions shirt (which I still have btw) ranting "Back in my day!"