Sunday, October 26, 2014

The expectations of winning

Good evening Blazer fans, where ever you may be! The immortal words of the legendary Bill Schonely. It was not long after he had retired that we all still had high expectations of our beloved Blazers year in and year out. Long before we had a mascot, long before the fancy concessions at the Rose Garden. And yes, long before it was no longer called the Rose Garden.
But for the first time in 14 years the city of Portland has a team that ended their season after sending someone else home. They beat a very good Houston squad and although they got ran by the Spurs, they won as many games against the champs as the Heat did in the finals. Sure there was some guarded expectations before each of Greg Oden's seasons in Portland, but that bubble burst very quickly each season. Although the bench scoring will once again be the bane of this team, there are legitimate expectations of greatness. Lamarcus Aldridge had his best season last year and for a short time shed the "soft as room temperature butter" label that he has had for his entire career. Damian Lillard has turned into the most clutch outside shooter in the league. Period. Batum has done a little bit of everything on the court to earn the big payday that he received.
Speaking of pay days, the city of Portland waits with baited breath for Aldridge's decision on an extension. It seems like so long ago that the front office had a decision to make in giving Brandon Roy a maximum contract and letting Lamarcus have a take it or leave it pay date. The shoe it seems is on the other foot and don't believe for a second that Lamarcus doesn't relish his situation now. Speaking of shoes and Lamarcus, he signed a deal with Jordan brand shoes. I don't think his shoes will have anywhere near the impact of Damien's, but at least Lamarcus got paid in that regard.