Saturday, April 19, 2014


I got this cool gem of a gift I received from my cousin. It's the Blazermania LP. It re-caps the entire championship season. Schonely's voice has a lively spark throughout each track. I get chills hearing "Rrrriiip City!" with the energized crowd roaring with the classic crackle from a hunk of black wax turning 'round and 'round. Bill Schonely's calls are so lively that it harkens back to a time in Blazermania when we we're on top. There's this level of new excitement. Bill has the perfect set of vocal chords to convey the team from the hardwood to my ears. His play by play of the Lucas/Dawkins fight is amazing and so fun to hear. When the Blazers stop the 76ers for the last time in game 6, I love his fervor, his tenacity and child-like excitement as the Blazers secure their only title. He's so keyed up that he notes the exact time, down to the second when we won the world championship.
When the needle of the record player reaches the center of side two, the record over. There's this eerie clicking loop as the needle is trying to send out more audio but only scrapes the edge of blank vinyl and a faded label at the record's center. Ssssk click, ssssk click, ssssk click. Where there was once the amazing call of the Blazers winning it all filling my room, there's now only silence. Silence broken by this horror film esque clicking of the finished LP. Ssssk click, ssssk click, ssssk click. I look over my shoulder to see the black disc rotating with a slight warble to it's orbit. It wants to keep playing. I want it to keep playing. But the Blazers of the 1976-77 season are done playing.

The Blazers of the 2013-2014 season aren't done playing. They have a playoff series to win to keep this season alive. Listening to Blazermania has reminded me why I love this time of year so much. It's exciting. It's unpredictable. I don't want that record needle to hit the end of this season too soon.

I am not ready to hear: Ssssk click, ssssk click, ssssk click.

Rip City.