Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playoffs? Not yet.

We won't make the playoffs this year.
Here's why.
Unknown chemistry, new players (seven), with a new-ish coach.
There's too much to juggle. And and AND! The West is too strong.
It's another growing pains season. See below.
Sorta like the Trail Blazers

Lillard's numbers will be down. It's for the better. He needs the rest. We're lucky Stotts didn't RG3 this kid. And the fact the Blazers are mainly guards (nine) will cause Stotts to have odd rotations and experiments to try and give the Rookie of the Year some rest.

"Wait 'til I hit the dance floor".
Also, lack of experienced big men down low. We have Lopez and Leonard. Granted, I am most eager to see these two at the start of the season but c'mon, Leonard was as awkward as a geek at a high school dance last year. Leonard's work ethic is unstoppable, though. This kid has a future and I can't wait to see his improvements.

Rip City has a future, but, it will have to wait one more year.