Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm Seeing Stars!

For the first time in 20 years the Blazers have two players going to the All Star Game. Congrats to Aldridge, Lillard and Blazer basketball. It's great that we have such talent on our team to showcase on the national stage.
High fives rule.
Kevin Love being named a starter over Aldridge is something I don't agree with. Love averages basically a point and a rebound more a game than LA.  It's obvious Aldridge's contributions are worth way more to the Blazers who are 34-13 than Love's Timber-pups with a lowly record of 23-24. When two players are so evenly matched, I think the team record should be more of a factor.

Lillard's continuing his magical beginnings with an All Star nod after last year's ROY and All Star skills competition title. He continues to step it up. A lot of people think the Sun's Goran Dragic got snubbed but it's clear, the coaches made the right call by sending Lillard.

Fans shouldn't be able to vote for the All Star game. Why? Kobe's an All Star! He's played in 6 games this year and averaging under 14 points. It's a joke. I think Bryant handled it great giving Lillard a shout out saying; "My advice would be to vote for some of these younger players, the Damian Lillards of the world." It was jubilant to have an NBA great show praise to Dame.

Portland sending two players to the All Star game is a huge step in the right direction. We've won as many games now as we did all last season. With over two months to play we've got a lot of work to do, but it's obvious, we've got the star talent to get it done.

Rip City, baby!