Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blake and Kaman

Losing to the Spurs may have been best thing to happen to us this season. You learn more about yourself losing than winning. We slayed some pretty big demons in beating the Rockets. Some BIG demons. Now it's time to learn and build. We learned exactly where we stand (which isn't a bad place) and we added some players to our bench.
I'm baaa-aaaack!

The Blazers got two new acquisitions this off-season. Point guard Steve Blake and center Chris Kaman. Steve Blake as a player isn't much of an improvement but mentally he is. He's played with this team before. He knows the guys. He's a veteran. He's on his third stint with the team and as the cliché goes: third time's a charm. The charm would be this: give Dame some good rest.

The other new Blazer is the freak-of-nature Chris Kaman. Having another big man to come off the bench to give ROLO some rest is key. Joe Freeland just isn't big enough, Meyers Leonard doesn't know enough and Kaman is a big veteran. He can fill the void and give quality minutes. If he stays healthy that is. And that's a big if only playing an entire 82 game season once (rookie year) in his career.

The West will be strong again next season and we will be a good chunk of that muscle. We're now on that higher plane and with the right additions of Blake and Kaman, we've got a chance to go higher.