Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tough Gut Test

There's four teams we need to beat on their floor to really prove our playoff grit. Those teams are; Indiana, Miami, Oklahoma City and San Antonio. We got one this past week against OKC. Part one of the "Tough Gut Test" is passed. Winning on the road is what solidifies the foundation of a playoff contender.

I usually went with "ACDC, ACDC, ACDC." I didn't receive honors. Odd.
We've been tested and at times we're the ones doing the testing. I feel there's going to be tests given and received when we hit this insane road trip later this month of; Jan. 17 at Spurs, Jan. 18 at Mavs, Jan. 20 at Rockets, and Jan. 21 at OKC. All four of those teams will most likely be in the playoffs and it'll be a crystal ball of things to come. We're sitting really good with about a third of the season behind us. We will probably finish with a mark in the realm of 55-27 and probably the 2nd, 3rd or 4th seed. In my eyes that's good enough to receive a test, and hopefully pass our way beyond the first round. Please!? It's only been fourteen years since we've gotten out of the first round.
Okay, sorry, gotta compose myself.
One game at a time.
Both teams played hard.