Friday, April 19, 2013

Jared Jeffries Release and Possible Moves This Offseason

As was expected, Jared Jeffries was cut yesterday. It's possible if he doesn't have a job when training camp rolls around, that the Blazers would resign him to sit the bench and fill in in case of injury which, lets be honest, will probably happen. But with JJ's, Babbit's, and Nolan Smith's contracts coming off the books, (we will see if any of those 3 are re-signed) the Blazers cap space could be up to 12 million dollars. There are few superstar talent players in this years free agent class, but that isn't what the Blazers need. They need interior defense, veteran help off the bench, and a bench that can SCORE. There are a few moves that I think could greatly benefit the Blazers, but we will see if it works out.

Nate Robinson

The guy is literally instant offense. He can score in many, many different ways and can play off the ball as well. He is undersized, but I feel like size at the guard positions is overrated if you can do your job. Nate's job would be come off the bench, put up around 15 points a game, and bring boundless amounts of energy to a lack luster second unit. 

Kyle Korver

The guy makes shots. Plain and simple. You can run him off screens, spot him up in the corner (remember James Jones in the corner after B-Roy drew the double?) He can bring shooting and offense off the bench, and you can create easy offense for him because he is so efficient at running off screens and reading his defenders. 

Tiago Splitter

Splitter brings solid defense to a really poor interior defensive team. Anyone who has played for Greg Poppovich knows how to play defense and play it efficiently. He's limited offensively, but can rebound well, finish around the rim, and plays very solid defense. Which is everything that the Blazers need in a big man off the bench. Chris Kaman brings a little more offense, but he's not as strong defensively as Splitter.

The Blazers have options which is what is important. But the big thing for this offseason is acquire VETERANS. Not more young players. We need experience not youth, we already have plenty of that. 

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