Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A weed in the Rose Garden.

It's official, the home of the Blazers is now called the "Moda Center". I am not a fan. The Rose Garden was a perfect name, free of big wig branding. It captured the DIY style of Portland. The Moda weed has sprouted up in the Rose Garden. At least Moda Health is a NW based company. Formerly known as ODS as of May. I guess that's a saving point, of some sort. *Sigh* Whatever.

Hey! 13 is a lucky number, right?
"The Rose Garden put us on the map, the Moda Center's going to take us into the future," Trail Blazers president and CEO Chris McGowan said.

Really? The future?

Will free agents go: "Hey, forget Los Angeles, did you hear that the Blazers now play in the 'Moda Center'? I'm gonna sign there!" Get real.

The future of the team is decided by the play on the court, not by a new name and logo on the court.


  1. Lucky #13 for sure. Love your take on the new name, and glad to see you guys posting! Thanks!

    1. No problemo! Thanks for checking us out and bleeding the Red, White and Black! Go Blazers!