Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moda Madness

The way it was. Perfect pinwheel placement.
My cousin and I went to the home opener at the Rose Garden on Saturday. Thanks to Moda Health and their insane ways of branding, two of the coolest things on the scoreboard above center court are now gone.

Remember the Portland city skyline that sat above the scoreboard? Gone.
Remember the giant Blazers pinwheel on the bottom of the scoreboard? Gone.

Hardly awkward. No skyline at top either.
The thing that peeves me the most is that the Moda logo covered up the Blazers logo on the scoreboard. If it was a Rose Garden logo I could understand, but covering the Blazers logo? It's basically saying Moda is better than the Blazers! Moda covering up the Portland skyline, well, of course, Moda's better than our city too.

Now we're just another bland corporate arena. And I leave with a blasé rah rah rah...

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