Saturday, March 3, 2012

Playoff nightclub

Well well well. We're a sub .500 team. First time in awhile that we've been here. Now what? It's time to rebuild. Any hopes of reaching the playoffs are dashed by pathetic 0-3 start after the All Star break. And if they're not dashed now, just wait for the seven game road trip.

Would you really want to see the Blazers in the playoffs this season anyway? I wouldn't.

The playoffs are like that swanky nightclub downtown. Showing up to the front door is the first round of the post season. Getting past the first round is getting into the club. If the Blazers get to that playoff nightclub it'd go something like this.

"Uh, I'm on the list."
"What's the name?"
Without even looking down at the list the bouncer just stares back.
"No you're not, move aside."
And as the dumbfounded Blazers meekly step aside the bouncer's face lights up with a smile.
"Thunder! How ya been!? This party's jumpin'! Get your ass in there!"
Thunder and the bouncer high five.
The Blazers catch a glimpse of a party with successful teams.
*SLAM!* The door closes.

I am tired of the Blazers being turned away from the playoff nightclub. We want to be the ones getting the high five from the bouncer. We want to be inside that nightclub with the elite teams. It's time for a reality check. The Blazers aren't on the bouncer's list, and the playoffs shouldn't be on ours. It's time to rebuild.

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