Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road Trippin'

Rip City was abuzz when the Blazers started out the season 7-2. I too was excited but I was waiting to see something before I totally bought how good we were. That was a winning record on our first real road trip. When the Blazers went 2-4 and hobbled back to Portland I rolled my eyes and said 'typical.' Didn't we just beat OKC on the road? How do we lose to Detroit? Oh, right, the inconsistency bug. It has bitten the Blazers for yet another season.

This seven game road trip is the 'make or break' trip of the year. I predicted a 3-4 road trip. I so far am wrong about Minnesota (what was I thinking?) and right about the Boston game. Going into Washington is a must win. It's more than that, it's a must destroy. I want the Verizon Center to be in ruins when we leave our Nation's capitol with a win.

If we don't win tonight. The season is done. Plain and simple. The wheels will be off the wagon so to speak (they pretty much are as it is) and we will be pushing that wagon all the way back to Portland.

'Oregon or Bust' was the moniker of the settlers heading West on the Oregon Trail. Every Blazer season starts out in my eyes as 'Playoffs or Bust.' The Blazers are so lost on their own trail to the playoffs it's been embarrassing. 'Playoffs or Bust?' This year it's been nothing but a bust.

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