Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fuck it, cut the cord!

With the news of our new edition at 1 center court, the Blazer brain trust has a decision to make pending Joel's physical. Who to cut come Sunday? Candidates include point guard Armon Johnson, center Chris Johnson, and Luke Babbitt. I threw Babbitt in there because he just looks like a dork, I don't actually think there's even the slightest chance he gets cut.
 The player I'm hoping does get cut is Greg Oden. I knew going into this season he had already played his last game in Portland. I knew this when his rehab was going at a glacial pace. Remember that Joel recovered faster than even AFTER having a setback three months into his recovery when they got hurt roughly at the same time. Greg will be gone at the end of the year anyway, he has a good chance of never playing another game, period. So why not just hasten the process? Have Paul Allen buy him a seat next to Patty Mills, so he can keep doing what he's been doing for so long.
 I do feel bad for Greg on the human level. He wants nothing more than to help this team win. Jason Quick brought up the stat that in the 76 games that Oden, Roy, and Aldridge played together Portland were 51-25. They're a cursed franchise! Cursed I tell ya! What do you think, Greg?

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