Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joel's back!

Joel Przybilla's returning to Rip City. He turned the Miami Heat down to come back to the Blazers. I applaud him for this. Most players in their waning days of an NBA career go somewhere just to try and pick up a ring and ride off into the sunset. It shows that  Przybilla is going for what fits him best. He probably won't see a lot of minutes and that's fine. He's here to be a role model. He will bring back the toughness, a lacking trait on the Blazers this season. I hope this will result in hard (but clean) fouls. I am tired of easy buckets at the rim from the opposition. We're so soft and nice in the interior it looks like a damn tea party. "Welcome to our party, have a crumpet to go along with your layup!" Joel will end the tea party and throw the crumpets back in the opposition's face with his toughness.

This will probably result in having Armon Johnson (who?) waived to create a roster spot. If the Blazers have a shot at getting higher than the 8th seed (or into the playoffs at all) we'll need Joel and his junkyard dog attitude on this team. Joel has 'Not in my house' tattooed on his arm and I'm very happy that he's calling the Rose Garden 'his house.'  ~JK

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