Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rock Bottom

In light of tonight's embarrassing loss to the Bullets, along with the injury to Aldridge it is clear that the cursed franchise has become snake bit again. This is only one loss in the middle of a season where losses are coming along pretty regularly, but this is easily the most disappointing loss of the season.

The beloved franchise was supposed to come into this game with a renewed focus. The switch to Nic Batum in favor of Raymond Felton was supposed to reinvigorate the starting lineup. Instead the result was a bad loss to a very bad team, on Oregon’s birthday no less. Sure Batum had a great game, but I don’t think it’s far fetched to predict he’ll score about 10 points in his next two outings. The loss of Aldridge so close to the All-Star game will add to the misery if he is unable to play in that showcase. Not only will it be two years in a row that our all-star has been unable to play, but it would have been the high point of Aldridge’s young career. Keep in mind he doesn’t have any buzzer beating 3’s, or 4th quarter comebacks on his resume like Brandon Roy.

My suggestion for this team is a three part plan.
First, fire Jay Jensen effective immediately and hire a competent trainer who doesn’t have a history breaking his players.

Second, find Tony Robbins and put him on the Blazers flight to the bay area. Nate McMillan clearly doesn’t have what it takes to light a fire under this team.

Third, see if the Nuggets want Raymond Felton back. Say pretty please. Say you’ll be their friend on Facebook. A point guard who does nothing but miss shots and turn the ball over is not what this team needs.

There was a fourth part to my plan that involved Greg Oden finding a pair of Lt. Dans magic legs, but he’ll just leave at the end of the season and it will be some other lucky teams gain.

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