Saturday, February 18, 2012

Retire Roy's Jersey? Nope.

Was Roy a tremendous talent? Yes.
A three time All Star, Rookie of the Year, and a nod to the All NBA teams (second team in ‘08-’09 and third team in ‘09-10) was pretty good, but c’mon, it seems like Rip City wants to let emotion rush this decision.

So why not retire his number? First off, the Rose Garden is far too banner happy. It cheapens the accolades of fabric drafting from the rafters. We have a banner for Co-Champions of the Northwest Division. We’re proud of a tied the regular season?
It’s all about what a team does in the post season. Isn’t that where champions are made and trophies won?

Speaking of champions. Some of the retired numbers in the Rose Garden are only there because they were on a championship team. Had we not won a championship, some of those players (I’m looking at you Bobby Gross) would have never made it up there. There was a water boy on the championship team wasn’t there? Get his name up there, oh and the ball boys too.

*Chuckling and shaking my head*

If it was up to me, I'd have banners for our; World Championship, our two Western Conference Championships, Drexler, Walton and the mic for Bill Schonely. These six without a doubt. I could see arguments for Wicks, Lucas and Porter too. The rest are up for debate.

How many playoff series did we win with Brandon Roy? None. He didn’t take us past round one. In fact, he couldn’t even take us to a game 7 in the first round. A retired player has to have a relationship with a team, not a fling. Brandon Roy, in the scheme of things, was a fling, a great fling none-the-less. But his injuries ruined his career. And in my eyes, the chance for his jersey to hang in the Rose Garden.

Lets not over look some Blazers that deserve if far (yes far) more than Brandon Roy does. Jerome Kersey, Cliff Robinson and Buck Williams. Check their stats if you don’t believe me. Oh, and these three all made it past the first round if you can’t recall.

With all due respect.
I know I sound like a heartless jerk about Roy. Brandon is my favorite Blazer of all time. I felt like I was going to puke when he had to retire. I just don’t want to hand out participation trophies just because a career ended too soon. That’s for the Rose Garden to do.

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